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TriMind PRO for coaches

" Using TriMind you can be reached by any athlete searching for a coach... Working with training plans and sending them to athletes becomes more time efficient too... For free!

More athelets, less routine! "

Paulo Goncalves,
professional triathlon coach

Grow your athletes team!

Now more than 2000 athletes, half of which found a coach in TriMind.
On average, coach receive 85 requests from new athletes per month

Receive new applications from new athletes directly on your smartphone.

Your profile is accessible by any athlete who searches for a coach.

TriMind provides fast & easy search filters.

To become the first in the list of coaches - invite new users to TriMind.learn more

Grow your income

promotion program for coaches

In TriMind you can sell:
      - Training Plans.
      - Personal online coaching.
      - 1-on-1 coaching and services.

We offer:
      - Personal website with individual design.
      - Create / update your accounts in social networks.
      - Provide you more subcribers/visitors.
      - Engage your target audience to your website.

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Manage Training plans

Work with training plans from your smartphone

Use TriMind’s web and mobile panels to benefit from easy and useful tools to work with training plans or upload an existing training plan from your Microsoft Excel database.

Send training plans directly from your computer to athletes’ TriMind mobile application.

Input race as well as training and recovery cycles of your athletes.

Get notification from athletes about days they cannot train.

Check athlete's comments on past training sessions.

Track athletes' activity

will be availble soon


Available in mobil and desktop applications