Triathlon App
for online training

Worldwide database of coaches and athletes

For athletes

Use various opportunities for online training

Find your coach

297 coaches from 38 countries

Price and language filters to choose a coach for online and 1-to-1 trainings.

Study coach profile, send free request for training and communicate in TriMind messenger.

Check mutual friends in FB to learn more about new coach.

Make you own training plan

individually or with your coach

Get personal and online training from coaches

Send free and direct training request to coaches

Individual Tailored Training Plan - according to your goals, personal agenda and fitness level

Personal consultations if needed

Updates of plans

Communication Frequency

Review of Training Data

Sync GARMIN, POLAR, SUUNTO & many more

will be availble soon

"...Thanks folks! I stopped using excel sheets now...
I enjoy doing my planning in my iPhone .."


Grow your team. Platform for online coaching

Get new athletes

Now more than 2000 athletes, half of which found a coach in TriMind.
On average, coach receive 85 requests from new athletes per month

Promote your profile with fast and easy search filters

Athletes who search for a coach will be notified about you

Receive applications from new athletes directly on your smartphone

Learn more about TriMind PRO for coaches

Manage Training plans

Work with training plans from your smartphone

Use TriMind’s web and mobile panels to benefit from easy and useful tools to work with training plans or upload an existing training plan from your Microsoft Excel database.

Send training plans directly from your computer to athletes’ TriMind mobile application.

Input race as well as training and recovery cycles of your athletes.

Get notification from athletes about days they cannot train.

Check athlete's comments on past training sessions.

Track athletes' activity

will be availble soon


Available in mobil and desktop applications

"It is a really good app free of charge... I plan all training sessions for my athletes in TriMind now... I also chat with them directly's convinient"

pro tri coach

"I added Trimind to my Training peaks application in my phone - excellent tool for fast and easy planning...received some applications from new athletes in Trimind too "

pro tri coach

For tri-clubs

free version available
after moderation
send request

CRM platform to work with 100+ athletes in one click

Management and administration of training plans and group schedules

available in PRO version

Manage your clubs' various groups schedules

Notifications about number of athletes joining a session

See alerts from coaches in advance if he misses the session

Fast and easy coaches' replacement and trainings' location with immediate notifications to clubs' members


available in free version

Available in mobil and desktop applications

Customized online Store

available in PRO version

Sell goods: club's items, members' equipment. Add your stock in 30 sec.

Buy goods: use TriMind payment platform.

Catalog & filters: personal and professional customization.

Already joined:

" ..As a manager in my club, I save a lot of time working with training plans for our members... We like the messenger too... We use free version now

More athelets, less routine! "

Paulo Goncalves,
professional triathlon coach